MULTI SISTEM TEKNOLOGI, PT moved in Digital Printing Industries since mid 2007 by becoming the Sole Agent for CRYSTALJET Brand.  And until now,  we have sold various type of CrystalJet Digital Printer from the Wide Format Solvent base ink printer until the Flatbed Digital Printer Series which every type has its own unique & personalities.

MULTI SISTEM TEKNOLOGI, PT committed in presenting best products, new technologies, new innovations and followed with perfect service.  That’s why we always learn, observe and evolve to achieve what we have commited in the first place.  And because of our persistant dedication in achieving our commitment and the magnificent support from our customers,  we have successfully sold more than 350 units printers in our first three years all over Indonesia spread from Aceh until Papua and overseas.

Our success story proof that our effort is returned with trusts from our customers as they have proven our commitment in performing good product and perfect services.  And we are very gratefull to our customers for all your supports and trusts that you have given us.

Thank you very much

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